What are those orange things?

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Last year in October we took our little grandson Ayden to his first pumpkin patch in hopes he might help us pick out the perfect pumpkin.

I think he was intrigued but not really excited about those orange things. Don't think it helped that I kept plopping him in the middle of those things so I could shoot some picture. Yeah, that kid is going to love me when he get's older.

We went on a 30 minute drive to find a place that had pumpkin patch and other things for him to play with just to find the better setup for photos (because background matters when you are a photographer) just right down the street from out house.

At least at the out-of-the-way place we found some other cute things besides pumpkins to play with and in all it was a nice day out; even if I barely got a smile out of him the entire time.

No day is better spend than in the company of a child.


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