The Vatican

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Rome, Italy 2015

When in Rome..... (Ok, I just couldn't help myself) one of the things on your "must-see" list should be the Vatican. You do not have to be religious to appreciate the grandness of this place! The treasures of the Vatican will leave you speechless as you gaze upon the architecture, statues and paintings on your way.

If you don't want to stand in line for hours it is a good idea to spend a little extra money and join a touring group. Those specialize in touring the Vatican and have a specific time frame. We opted for a early morning breakfast tour which allowed us some quite time in the courtyard of the Vatican before starting our tour.

This was about the only "quite" time we got to enjoy while at the Vatican.

Little did we know that by the time we finally did start the tour the Vatican was chuck-full with other tour groups that also had priority time scheduled. The general public doesn't get through the doors until about an hour later. But if you think you will be touring the Vatican in a more relaxed atmosphere (even if it claims to be a private tour) you will be disappointed. By the fourth room it was pretty much toe to toe and we had to keep up with your tour-guide in order not to get stuck in a different group. Good thing that one of my husband's job is to keep track of me because once I turn in to the trigger happy photographer there is no telling where I might have end up.

I get easily distracted by.... well, everything!

I was a nice quite morning at the Vatican as we enjoyed our breakfast overlooking the courtyard.

The Vatican Museum don't just have old art but new and eclectic things like this globe.

Doing the tour was still a better option!

I can't imagine how much more crowded it would have been among the general public. We also would have wasted precious vacation hours standing in line to the entrance just to stand in line to get through.

Visiting the Vatican is serious business!

ST. Pete's Basilica

If you thought the Vatican museums are marvelous wait till you see St. Pete's Basilica! It was the last stop on our tour and truly the most magnificent place of architectural wonder and splendor I've ever seen!

There are so many historical facts about the Vatican and you can search the internet to read all about them. I'm sure at some point during our tour I was told a lots of interesting facts about this place but I was too busy photographing any details I could get while avoiding to have hundreds people in my shots. It's a lot harder than you think!

What does Scott Kelby say? If you can't photograph straight on, look up!!

Actually, St. Pete Basilica is one of those places where most of the truly magical things are on the ceiling rather than just on the walls. It was sort of a pain in the neck to stare at the ceiling for almost the entire time we where inside but it was worth all the pain!

Final Thoughts

As we finished out tour and made our way back out to join the rest of civilization I couldn't help but to stop and take a minute to absorb the surroundings of this place. The architecture, the status and the thousands of people that visit the Vatican every single day make this truly a sight to be seen and to be experienced!

Now when I see images of the Vatican in books, magazines and movies I have a better understanding and a familiar sense to them. I can say "Hey, I've been there".


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