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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Ok, not really but I always wanted to say that... lol

Branson Missouri

Stormy Evening in Branson Missouri

What's in Branson, Missouri you ask? Well, a timeshare for one thing (cheap way of staying somewhere when you have one). Its also a State that I haven't been to before. I have this weird obsession with making it to all 52 states before my time is up!

Branson is not what you might call a party city but it has so much entertainment (which pretty much shuts down by 10pm). It also has Elvis! At some point if you're lucky you can also find Michael Jackson or Prince hanging out.

I stopped Elvis from leaving the building!

Another thing I was able to cross of my list that I never really had on their to start with: Ziplinig!!

Yes, this girl who is afraid of heights strapped herself (many hands touched that those straps) into a harness and zipped across the deep abyss (about 30 feet or so).

In my mind this looked a lot cooler!

Ziplining was so much fun and the guys/company really know their stuff. You should have seen some of the moves these guys did on those lines; I think they are related to monkeys.

Adventure Ziplines of Branson

We didn't expect much while visiting Branson but what we found was a great time and a few great moments that I will never forget.


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