I was born and raised in Germany and spend about half of my life in German and now in the US. Photography has always been a big part of my life. I remember shooting with film and then Polaroid. I feel like that was not to long ago and now with the digital age made some big jumps and cell phones take amazing pictures but it's impossible to get everything captures on those devices. 


After moving to the US and taking care of my children I let photography lay aside for a while until I picked up my first digital camera again a few year later. Now that I've had several year  in the field of digital photography and several cameras later I found my passion for photography again. 

I love being creative and I also love the feeling it gives me when I can show my clients the finished images. There is something really rewarding about making other feel good with your work. I started doing session for single parents for low fees because I know how hard it is for a single parent to be able to afford the standard school picture packages. I'm also a strong believer that you can only really capture the spirit of children in pictures you need to let them explore their surroundings and be able to be themselves in front of your camera. Having said that I also do the standard poses so all basis are covered and the parents really get what they wanted. 

Needless to day I love photographing children but also enjoy being part of the moments that unfold themselves like events, weddings and parties. There is something really exciting about being able to sit on the sideline and capturing all the moments that unfold from a different perspective and I walk away being richer for the experience. 

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